Advanced Website Solutions

Customized Website Solutions for Your Garden Center

Although our IGC QuickSite solutions are quite robust, there may be a need for more extensive or customized functionality to meet your needs. If so, a Clarity Connect Customized Website Solution may be just what you need. 

Experience Matters

We have built hundreds of websites for the horticulture industry in the last 20 years; almost certainly we have developed and implemented website solutions that will meet most, if not all, of your requirements. If required, we can customize previously deployed technology to meet exactly what you need. This helps reduce risk, time to completion, and costs.

Expanded Functionality

Some of the expanded functionality we have implemented for our website customers include:

Current Crop Photos

You can quickly post images of plants that look particularly good to your website and the system will stop displaying them after 'X' days you will not have to remember to take them down.

Prides Corner Farm uses the Current Crop solution consistently.

Retail/Wholesale Functionality

We frequently build websites for Retail Garden Centers that also have wholesale operations. After logging in, wholesale customers can see different pricing, order quantities, delivery options, etc. 

Inventory Synchronization

Displaying accurate inventory online is critical to ensure customer satisfaction and to reduce 'fire fighting' for your staff as they try to find plants that have been oversold.

How It Works

We will chat with you to learn about your business and requirements. With that understanding, we will demonstrate relevant solutions. We will then create an initial site map that shows the proposed navigation and functionality. When that is agreed upon, we will prepare a detailed website proposal that includes all of the fees and payment schedule. If you decide to move forward, we add you to our development queue and assign a project manager to work with you and be the liaison to our development and design staff.


If you would like to discuss your website requirements and learn about how we can help. Please schedule a 1-hour free consultation with Timothy Howard, or contact us.

Advanced Website Solutions